Legal notice and privacy policy

In accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation, we inform you that we will treat your personal data in order to: [Provide or deliver the service or product contracted, and inform you about the products or services published on our website] The data Personal provided will be retained, as long as the commercial relationship is maintained, its deletion is not requested by the interested party, or for 1 year from the last confirmation of interest, or during the time necessary to comply with the legal obligations. The company will NOT make automated decisions. The data will not be transferred to third parties except in cases where there is a legal obligation and we will treat them based on [your consent or execution of a contract]. Also, we inform you of the possibility of exercising the following rights on your personal data: right of access, rectification, deletion or forgetting, limitation, opposition, portability and to withdraw the consent given, for this you can send an email to: gestion @ robertaklein. com In addition, the interested party can contact the competent Data Protection Control Authority to obtain additional information or file a claim. Identifying data of the person in charge: ARTURO CERDÁ VILAPLANA, 21668911J, C / San José, 59, – ATTIC B – 03440 – Ibi – ALICANTE


The purpose and intended use of both the data itself and its treatment, is to provide the requested service or deliver the product purchased. Then you can accept the purposes you see fit by checking the corresponding box and clicking on the ACCEPT button, note that some purposes may be necessary to provide the service, in the case of NOT marking these boxes, you can not lend / deliver the associated service / product. [_] Provision of the contracted service (If you accept the processing of your data for this purpose, check this box) [_] Sending of the purchased product (If you accept the processing of your data for this purpose, check this box) [_] Sending of offers of products and services of your interest (If you accept the processing of your data for this purpose, check this box)


Manual of uses and recommendations. (For all users with access to data). All persons who have access to personal data, through the computer system or through any other automated means of access, are obliged to comply with the provisions of the Security Document that the entity has, and therefore, subject to the consequences that may arise in case of non-compliance. Failure to comply with security policies, practices and procedures will be subject to disciplinary action, and may result in civil and / or criminal action. This regulation should be disseminated to all employees so that all users know what security measures are subject to data protection, also, it is recommended to make the delivery in some way that allows registering the acknowledgment of receipt by users .


1. To elaborate and implement the security regulations that the treatments detailed in the corresponding APPENDIX A of the security document must adopt, as well as the consequences that may be incurred in case of non-compliance. 2. Create and maintain the Registry of Treatment Activities. 3. Verify compliance with the duty of information, prior to the collection of data according to the means used to do so. 4. Obtain the consent of the interested parties, as long as this is necessary for the processing of their data. 5. Approve the designation and authorization of users who use the application in their daily work, assigning the accesses allowed to each user. 6. Approve a policy that aims at the adequate training of personnel with the following purposes: – knowledge of the security measures that affect the functions of each user. – knowledge of the procedures to be followed by the affected party to exercise their rights. 7. Authorize the start-up of the exploitation of personal data through a new computer application, or the realization of substantial improvements over the existing one. 8. Authorize the approval of a policy for the release of computer supports that contain personal data outside the premises in which the treatment is located. 9. Approve the correction of the established procedures for the assignment of passwords in order to guarantee the confidentiality of the same. 10. Approve the procedures for making backup copies and recovering the data. 11. Approve the corrective measures that derive from the corresponding audit. 12. And, in general, any obligation that derives from the regulations that result from application.