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Our mission

We use video to tell engaging stories that connect and inspire people. Like you, we do not want to go unnoticed. Our task is to create an unforgettable impact.

Our standpoint

We are publicists. We help you to sell your idea and achieve your goals. We love to awaken desire, make a difference and be on everyone’s lips.


Videos for

Social media

Short, direct, adapted to each platform and delivered almost immediately. Call it video marketing, viral or whatever you want, in social media the key is your story and we know how to tell it to create a powerful impact on your digital audience.


Corporate and product

Do you know any better way than a video to present a company or to advertise a product or service? That is also completely clear for us. Nobody reads, we all prefer a short video which in addition provides us more credibility.

Videos of

Corporate and social events

“I wish I was there”. That is the phrase we always look for when we do a video summary of an event. Only having attended can be better than seeing our events aftermovies.s.

Animations and

Motion Graphics

We do magic! We move things with a single snap of our fingers and a little of After Effects, which is very useful to give life and rhythm to your videos and presentations.


Whether you come with a thoroughly developed idea or with a blank canvas, we will help you with the scripts, storyboard, brand strategy and with all you need. We love creating and being able to help you.



From casting and locations to services and licenses, we handle all logistical challenges before production to ensure an efficient and trouble-free filming.


Each production is meticulously managed by our in-house team together with our partner network, thus achieving a great flexibility and efficiency.


From editing to sound mixing and color correction, we offer a wide range of post-production services thereby ensuring the maximum quality from beginning to end.


In addition to video recording, we offer animation and motion graphics services. From graphic conceiving until everything comes to life.


Depending on your distribution needs, we will deliver different formats that will help you to achieve the objectives of your project. We can also help you with publication and promotion.
Aftermovie VUE DAY ’19
Aftermovie VUE DAY ’19
Taverna d’Origen Chef’s
Taverna d’Origen Chef’s
Actiu 50th Anniversary
Actiu 50th Anniversary
Bodegas Francisco Gómez
Bodegas Francisco Gómez
“Let’s play!” By Marcais
Events, Social media
“Let’s play!” By Marcais
Yoga time | Videbook
Yoga time | Videbook
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